Jan Derpak

Jan Derpak

Jan is a Sports Psychology consultant who has combined her passion for athletics, and her background in psychology and education, to create a unique brand of mental training strategies for high level performers. Jan has worked with National Team athletes in Cross Country, Biathlon, Alpine, Snowboarding and Figure Skating. She has worked  with elite level athletes in many other sports. Her work is not “sport specific” but rather based on developing customized strategies for achieving and sustaining peak performance for any athlete, in any sport.  Jan also believes that many of the psychological strategies that are associated with excellence in sport can be applied universally to anyone striving for peak performance.  Jan is a Keynote Speaker who is sought after by businesses, educators, health care workers, teams, students, parents and associations.

“Jan is consistently able to engage the entire audience. Her energetic personality, broad range of knowledge, and remarkable ability to relate to the listeners, enable her to create presentations which inevitably seem far too brief. Jan often entertains the crowd with her own personal stories, transforming them effortlessly into hilarious anecdotes. 

As a psychologist, Jan knows the importance of self-esteem and is exceptionally skilled at communicating this to her audience. Whether speaking to adults, children, athletes or business groups, Jan is equally comfortable.

Therefore, it is with great confidence that I encourage you to include Jan Derpak on the roster of speakers at your next event.”

Sincerely, Cynthia Ullmark

International Figure Skating Coach

Jan’s philosophy is to build on every person’s unique strengths rather than finding and fixing weaknesses. She does not try to put in what is “missing” but taps into what is already there! She has a proven track record of turning talent into performance.

Jan’s work with athletes leading up to the 2010 Olympics really took her company to a new level. Athletes had to deal with the pressures of Olympic trials and then prepare for the experience of competing at the Olympics in their own country. In this instance they needed to know that the mental skills became as critical as the physical skills to achieve peak performance. Jan’s work was to unleash the relationship between mind, body and performance.

As Wayne Gretzky once said, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. Athletes have to “prepare” every facet of their “game” to win. Most athletes work so hard on the physical aspects of their sport but do not put the same energy into the emotional and mental aspects influencing their performance. Jan helps athletes control their emotions and their minds. She helps them imagine and create what they want to accomplish. She does all this with a great sense of humor and a unique relationship with all her athletes. She loves what she does and her passion shows.

Jan has a Bachelor in Education – Human Kinetics (P.E)  and a Master’s in Education (Counselling Psychology) both from UBC.

Jan is a member of the Canadian Sports Psychologists Association, Canadian Psychologists Association, American Association of Sports Psychologists and the BCACC.

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